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Creating the future together at the Climate Show

Why don't we act, individually and collectively, on the vital issue of climate change ? To try to answer this question, the association Climate Voices, Tempora Production and Cap Sciences Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine invite you to join us at the Climate Show nights on March 31st and April 14th. The Climate Show is a participatory show, a cross between theatre, cinema, artistic installation and collective performance. It features all the spectators, including Camille (a Belgian actress), who come to look for solutions to progress personally and collectively on the climate issue. Block after block, the visitors walk together along a path where awareness and collective participation are the key words. Join us with your colleagues, friends, family,... to design a desirable future together. Tickets for these two evenings are available at the special price of 7 euros. You can book them here. Can't make it to these evenings? The Climate Show will run until the end of June at Brussels expo.