Ethical Property


Furniture for sale

Hi all, The Oxfam International EU Advocacy Office has some furniture for sale: - a desk chair- PC monitor stands- Paper organisers- 2x boxes of ethernet cables- 1 large whiteboard-1 small whiteboard-file organiserPlease contact Lauren at m

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Furniture give away - Mundo Trône

Dear all, Due to a recent move, the EaP CSF is handing out free furniture at MundoTrône.The items include:  - one large desk - a set of drawers - a chair - a painting Should you be interested in any of the items, please feel f

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Tuesday 04 july 2023

GIFT BOX - MEUBLES À DONNER - DONACIÓN DE MOBILIARIO  Voici déjà une bonne partie des meubles à donner, à venir chercher le plus rapidement possible au 10 rue de l'Industrie à 1000 Bruxelles (2ème

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Top tips to effective EU advocacy

Want to understand better how to do successful EU advocacy? Need some support from senior consultants? You can find a few top tips from Claire Fourçans, Head of Future Advocacy EU Office, in: - this Minimasterclass:

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☕ and 🎂 for 11.11.11

Tuesday 25 october 2022 - 10h00

Trias is co-supporting the 11.11.11 campaign which this year revolves around climate injustice 💚  So come and join us on Tuesday 25 October between 10-17h for a nice piece of cake or pie in the dining area on the first floor of Mundo-ma

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Conference chairs in good condition for sale

GRIP (Mundo-madou, 3rd floor) sells 15 conference chairs in good condition at 20€ a piece. Colour: black. Please contact d.fayer-stern for more information.

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Passing of our colleague Vanessa De Vries

We are deeply saddened to announce the unexpected death of our dear colleague Vanessa De Vries, whom you may have had the opportunity to meet. Vanessa was the sunshine of our team. Full of life, she enjoyed every moment and would easily spread her i

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Office to rent 12-16 people

Are you looking for a well-located, spacious, light office with reception, bicycle parking, cleaning, ICT and maintenance included? Are you a non-profit, NGO or social organisation? Do you regularly organise meetings? In Mundo-j, our centre in the E

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Big news from Ethical Property Europe

Dear members, shareholders, partners, Our 10-year anniversary in 2019 marked an important point in the timeline of Ethical Property Europe. We opened our fifth Mundo-center and changed our team structure to be able to respond to the evolution of our

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