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Big news from Ethical Property Europe

Dear members, shareholders, partners,

Our 10-year anniversary in 2019 marked an important point in the timeline of Ethical Property Europe. We opened our fifth Mundo-center and changed our team structure to be able to respond to the evolution of our activities. As a reminder, Ethical Property Europe is the umbrella company and the team that develops and manages the 5 Mundo centers in Belgium.

Over time, it started to dawn on us that having a company name, Ethical Property Europe, different from our activities, the Mundo centers, is confusing and gives an incomprehensible image of our organization. Moreover, the English name and the particle Europe are not very representative of the nature of our company, which is essentially Belgian in terms of its activities, shareholders, and partners. We therefore started to consider alternatives that better reflect who we are. After a long thought process, we have come up with our new name, which will accompany us in the years to come:


Why Mundo-Lab?

Mundo will allow us to be recognized for what we are known: the Mundo centers. Simple and effective!

The Lab particle stands for a laboratory of ideas, the creative company that we are: our teams are constantly innovating in terms of sustainability, comfort and services, in our new and existing centers, while actively engaging our members in the process. One could say that Mundo centers are born in the test tubes of Mundo-Lab.


In Belgium! Neutral in tone, and thanks to our strong presence in Belgium, Mundo-Lab will better reflect our Belgian anchorage and differentiate us from our two sister companies with similar activities: The Ethical Property Company in the UK and étic in France. Our new name works in all the languages of our country as well as for the multilingual community within our centers.

How about the Mundo centers in all this? 

The names of our centers remain unchanged. However, as the letter particles (Mundo-LLN?!) begin to show their limits, we are gradually moving towards center names where the particle represents the place where they are located: Mundo Madou, Mundo Louvain-la-Neuve, etc.

Wed like to take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful and healthy 2021, surrounded by your loved ones.

See you soon in one of our centres !

Team Mundo-Lab