Ethical Property


ECOS is collecting broken printers

ECOS, together with the Right to Repair group, are planning a campaigning action at the end of May in order to call on the European Commission to tackle the repairability and premature obsolescence of printers. The action is planned to involve a printer dump on the Schuman Roundabout / Rue de Loi, with some 20-30 old/broken printers used as part of the demonstration.

 In case anyone has a printer they've long longed to say goodbye to whatever their age or size so long as theyre no longer fit for purpose we would be happy to collect it from you, use it for the photo op in front of the Berlaymont, and then deliver it to Recupel for recycling on your behalf.

 In case you have a printer (or more) to spare, please get in touch with before 14 May.