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Donate children's toys, clothes and books to raise awareness for missing children in europe

Every year, since the disappearance of 6-year-old Etan Patz in New York City on May 25 in 1979, International Missing Childrens day is commemorated on the same day across the world to bring hope to families. According to research by the European Commission, a child is reported missing every 2 minutes in the EU.

To raise awareness of the European hotline number for missing children available in all EU Member States through the same number: 116 000, Missing Children Europe will organise an awareness campaign in front of the European Parliament for the occasion. Donate your childrens second hand clothes, toys and books to the cause. We will use this material to trace the 116 000 number in front of the European Parliament to raise awareness of the number. All proceeds will then be donated to charity after the event. Donations can be sent to Missing Children Europe, 5th floor, Mundo J, Rue de LIndustrie 10, Brussels. For more information, contact

We are also calling for donation of clothes, toys and books via social media. Please share our messages with your followers and network to support the campaign on May 25.

On June 6, Missing Children Europe will also host an event at the European Parliament at 14:30 with Member of the European Parliament Intergroup on child rights Julie Ward to better understand trends related to runaways and other groups of missing children through the data collected annually by Missing Children Europe though the 116 000 hotline network; to learn about concrete, local initiatives in support of runaways from various countries and to set in motion a coordinated action involving relevant actors and stakeholders to prevent and support children running away.

Thank you for helping us bring children to safety!