Ethical Property


Our sister companies

In the UK and in France, you can find two like-minded organisations: The Ethical Property company and étic, with whom we share a mission and values, among other things.

The Ethical Property Company

With 21 centres in 9 cities, the Ethical Property Company is one of the largest social businesses in the UK. The company was founded in 1998; their concept was an inspiration for the establishment of Mundo-Lab, the former Ethical Property Europe, in Belgium. Mundo-Lab, however, was a Belgian initiative, it is not a branch of the UK company.


Just like Mundo-Lab, ETIC creates, finances and manages office centres for non-profit organisations and social entrepreneurs, with access to professional and affordable spaces and shared services and equipment. There is even a Mundo-M in Montreuil (Paris), inspired by our own Mundo-centres. ETIC currently manages 7 centres in France.