Ethical Property


Mundo Trone

Mundo Trône, formerly known as Mundo-j, was initiated by a dozen youth associations, mostly Dutch-speaking. These associations wanted to create a center to house their offices, following the example of Mundo Matongé, previously known as Mundo-b.

Discover Mundo Trône, this ideally located office center in the heart of the European district in Brussels and its community focused on solidarity and youth.

  • Opened in 2014 
  • Location: Brussels, European district 
  • Total area: 3200 m² 
  • Rented offices: 2000 m² to 30 organizations 
  • 7 meeting rooms 
  • Other services: restaurant, reception, etc.

Mundo Trône offers:

  • Private offices 
  • Meeting rooms

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Pictures : LemonSide, Christophe Danaux