Ethical Property

Our performance

Mundo-Lab is based on the core values of fair and transparent business practice, social and environmental accountability, and encouraging progressive and innovating social change.

In addition to our financial audit, we monitor a wide range of social and environmental indicators and publish the results each year in our Annual Report (see below). Our performance is measured using a set of key indicators covering every area in which we have a social, environmental or financial impact, We set targets based on national standards, wherever they exist, which call for improvement on our own results year on year.

Our Accounts are divided in to the following 4 broad areas:

Our tenants satisfaction

We let our properties only to organisations with a strong social purpose. We aim to manage our properties according to social and environmental principles as detailed in our Code of Practice (available on request). Each year we send all of our tenants a questionnaire allowing them to score and comment on our performance

Our environmental impact

We refurbish all our buildings to a high environmental standard and both monitor and look to improve on energy and water use, travel to work and waste management. We purchase as many of our products and services as possible from ethical sources and are always looking at new ways to improve the energy efficiency of our existing buildings.

Our social impact

We actively ensure our buildings are accessible to all, and work to ensure that materials purchased for building works or any other purpose are not sourced from suppliers or companies who directly or indirectly exploit or exclude members of society. We aim to offer personal development opportunities to all our staff, for example we choose to work with social companies wherever possible.

Our finances

Mundo-Lab is financed through the purchase of shares, bonds and by loans and agreements with Triodos Bank. Currently the shares of Mundo-Lab are owned by about 70 shareholders.

Our annual reports

Our annual reports present the financial results of Mundo-Lab, but not only! Discover also the news of our centres, year by year, and what makes the essence of the Mundo spirit: eco-construction, social initiatives, ecological projects, solidarity, sharing... The Mundo community is also members between whom synergies are created. They also speak out in these reports and explain their projects.




Buying or selling shares

Mundo-Lab offers institutions and individuals the opportunity to invest in the company at its regular share issues. Share issues are organized approximately every two or three years.

As stated in the 2009 share issue prospectus, an investment in Mundo-Lab must be considered as a long-term investment. When undertaking a share issue, Mundo-Lab will consider buying back the shares of people wishing to sell as part of that issue. Outside the share issues periods, any sale of shares is only possible if a willing buyer can be found to matches an equivalent sale. Mundo-Lab keeps a list of all willing sellers and buyers and the price at which they wish to trade and can also help to arrange a trade. Buyers and sellers who have been waiting the longest will be given priority.

If, as a shareholder, you would like to sell all or part of your shares, we ask you to proceed as follows :

  1. Send a letter to the Chair of Mundo-Lab (Mrs. Anne Vleminckx, Mundo-Lab, Rue d'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels - Belgium), and specify the number of shares you would like to sell and the price wished.
  2. The Chair or Managing Director will write to you within 4 weeks to let you know your position on the list of buyers and sellers.
  3. As soon as a suitable buyer is found, the Mundo-Lab team will get in touch with you to enable you to sell your shares.

For more information please call Frederic Ancion (+ 32 2 329 00 02) or send him an e-mail.