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About us


Mundo-Lab is a unique initiative in ethical investment. We manage business centres that bring NGO's, social companies, community and campaign groups together under one roof where they can share skills and ideas. Our Mundo centres have become focal points for social change.

Tenants-organisations in our centres benefit from an affordable rent, flexible tenancy terms and office space and facilities designed to meet their needs. The centres are also managed to minimize energy use, waste, car travel and harmful materials.

The company's investors gain the security of a property-based investment that moreover contributes to social change.

Mundo-Lab currently manages five Mundo centres in Belgium, and is in the process of raising capital to start up more centres in the country. In the long-term we aim to build a network of centres across Europe, together with our sister-companies in the UK and France (see International).


How it all started

Mundo-Lab started in 2008 as a result of a coalition of Belgian environmental NGOs who wanted to acquire and renovate a building to move their offices under one same roof, and which would reflect their image. They collectively grouped under the umbrella of a coop, Maison du Développement Durable SCRL. Mundo-Lab was born simultaneously. Through their collaborative efforts, they identified, purchased and refurbished Mundo-b, Mundo-Lab's first centre, on the edge of the European quarter in Brussels. 

The centre opened in May 2009, after a 15-months long refurbishment. In 2010 a second centre opened its doors, Mundo-n in Namur. In 2014 Mundo-Lab opened Mundo-j, a second centre in Brussels. In December 2018, the first centre in Flanders was established: Mundo-a in Antwerp. And finally, in the beginning of 2019, Mundo-Lab purchased a new property in Brussels to create the 5th centre: Mundo-madou. The building was renovated in 2019-2020. A sixth property will open its doors in 2023, in the university tpwn of Louvain-la-Neuve.

Outside Belgium, Mundo-Lab invested in a similar initiative in France, Étic. A sister company is active in the UK: The Ethical Property Company. In the long term we aim to build a network of centres across Europe.


Mission - Vision - Values

Our mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, accessible, and shared property facilities and services for non-profit organisations and social businesses sectors. This is achieved through the following activities:

  • We acquire properties or land, either by direct ownership, shared ownership or long leases
  • We renovate or build sustainable, energy-efficient and user-friendly buildings that include a diverse range of spaces (e.g. offices, coworking spaces, meeting facilities, cafés, gardens
  • We rent our premises to the sector of nonprofit organisations, NGOs and social companies, at affordable prices
  • We provide a wide set of professional services, based on the needs of our tenants
  • We promote synergies, collaborations and entertainment within the communities of our centres

Our vision

Our vision is to become the partner of choice wherever there is demand to create and manage sustainable spaces for changemakers. Our vision includes three strategic axes:

  • To continue to improve the quality of the services we provide
  • To identify and develop new projects, including new types of activities
  • To ensure the long-term financial viability and independence of our model

Our values

Since its creation in 2008, our company is driven by strong social and sustainable values. These values are detailed in the Quintessentials the core principles that apply to all companies within the Ethical Property family. These main values of our company are the following:

  • At the service of our tenants: we see our centres as a tool and a support to the social and sustainable sector
  • Sustainability: in both the renovation and the management of our properties, we set the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency, environmental impact, circular economy, healthy environment etc.
  • Positive impact: every decision we make, will take into account the environmental, social and financial impact.
  • Collaboration and partnership: we believe that the worlds problems are better solved by people and organisations working together rather than alone.

Our team


Frédéric Ancion

Managing director
02 329 00 02
frederic (at) mundo-lab (dot) org

Hard services

Lionel Selleslagh

Technical Manager
Supervision of the Hard services-team

02 329 00 10
lionel (at) mundo-lab (dot) org

Soft services

Marie Laure de Hemptinne (Mundo-b, Mundo-j, Mundo-n)
Catherine Dupont (Mundo-a, Mundo-madou)

Supervising the daily management of the centres in terms of reception services, cleanliness, logistics 

marielaure (at) mundo-lab (dot) org
catherine (at) mundo-lab (dot) org

'Soft services' management

02/329 00 04

Project development

Julien Willem

Project Manager

Management and supervision of the construction and renovation projects

julien at

Accountancy and HR

Marie-Laure Schmitz - finance director - marie-laure.schmitz (at) mundo-lab (dot) org

Lily Tamara - accountancy and HR - lily (at) mundo-lab (dot) org

Laura Tumia - accountancy and billing - laura (at) mundo-lab (dot) org

Sales and communication

Eline Vander meiren

Rental of the offices in the different centres

eline at

02 329 00 07

Lindsay Caudron

Communication and community management

lindsay at